The Car Wash Book

The Car Wash Book

Plan, Evaluate, And Invest In the Car Wash Industry

About the book:

From low barrier-to-entry business models to attractive financing options, there's never been a more exciting time to be a part of the growing and dynamic car wash industry. Written in plain, easy-to-read terms, this book is designed to help beginners understand the basic principles and processes associated with owning a car wash business from initial concept through to brand extension.

Each short chapter is complete with templates and examples derived from real-world businesses, helping you to answer the five most common questions asked by car wash business investors:

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Can you afford to open a car wash?

Learn more about Petroleum AND C-Store

Learn the steps necessary to organize yourself and finance your new business, including estimating your capital costs, performing market research, and selecting from the available funding options.

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Is car washing profitable?

Learn more about Auto Dealer Investor

Take a closer look at the factors that will determine both your income and operating costs, including your business model, pricing and packaging structure, and operating costs. Examine other critical success factors that impact your bottom line, including traffic volume, capture rates, and car counts.

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Should you build or acquire your business?

Watch if should you build or acquire your business video

Learn how to effectively and objectively evaluate the ways in which the choices you'll make about the physical structure and location of your business will impact your bottom line. Review the site analysis process and learn about the implications of demographics, competition, and physical market characteristics..

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How do you deliver a consistent, quality service?

Watch how do you deliver a consistent, quality service video

Discover the 23 components that are common to most commercial conveyorized car washes, with an emphasis on how the components at each wash stage relate to both each other and the end result.

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How should you structure and market your business?

Watch how should you structure and market your business video

Learn about the 'softer', more subjective aspects of the commercial car wash business, including people / human operations, marketing, and branding. Explore ways to drive recurring business and augment your revenue streams.

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